February 18, 2017

Our History

The Woman’s Club of Central Kentucky, Inc. Est. 1894


The Woman’s Club of Central Kentucky (WCCK) was established in 1894 at the urging of organizing president, Mary Gratz Morgan and was actually the joining together of five existing groups. WCCK joined hundreds of similar organizations springing up all over the country at this time and joined the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (founded Chicago, 1890).

By sponsoring prominent speakers and offering frequent musical and literary programs, WCCK made a great contribution to the cultural life of Central Kentucky. Among many accomplishments, WCCK was helpful in establishing the Dean of Women position at the University of Kentucky. WCCK was also instrumental in naming the cardinal the official state bird, providing support for traveling libraries and the Carnegie funded library in Gratz Park. Additionally, a memorial fund begun by WCCK following World War I resulted in the construction of Memorial Hall at UK in 1929.

In 1966, after meeting in various establishments around Lexington, WCCK found a permanent home in The Hunt Morgan property at 210 North Broadway.  Much of the Club’s philanthropic efforts were turned to preserving the historic home. By the year 2000, increased costs of property maintenance and a downturn in membership necessitated some serious decisions be made about the property.

In 2014, an agreement was reached with The Bluegrass Trust, and the property was transferred to the Trust. The partnership with BGT has allowed the Club to return to its philanthropic purpose of serving our community.  Beginning in 2015-2016, WCCK instituted two grant programs: The Woman’s Club of Central Kentucky Grant ($3500-$4000) and The Spotlight Grants ($300). These grants support local organizations in their efforts to impact important issues in our community. We are excited to continue this service to our beloved Central Kentucky and look toward an energetic future as our membership continues to increase.